Family Newsletter 2019

Newsletter No. 43; April 2019

Dear Relatives:

The year 2018 is now history. It was a very special year for the Cnossen Family. This was the year when our new Cnossen-Knossen Family Book was presented at family reunions in the Netherlands (26May) and in the US (10-12August).  See our websites for a report about the presentations at both family reunions. These were very joyous occasions and many warm memories remain. Especially because so many family members attended both presentations and because of the enthusiastic responses we received afterwards. Of course, there were also a few less positive responses. Below are some of the responses:

It is a beautiful book. However, on my family side there were some mistakes. But I will write a letter with the corrections.

An impressive piece of work! Chapeau!

 We received our books today but with a huge letdown. Mine and my sister’s families were left out of the book. I’m upset more that my mom (born a Cnossen) is the one in the family that has had all the contact and I know she sent the family information. Her grandchildren and great grandson are not mentioned. So disappointing!

 Just a few minutes ago the mailman brought the new Cnossen Book. Wow!! It is huge!! Such beautiful pictures are included.

 First of all, I want to thank the Foundation Board very much for the beautiful day that you organized last week 26 May. Nicely done, the floral arrangements on the graves and the presentation of the book exactly at the 1456 hour (i.e., 2.56 pm). Also, a very fascinating lecture by Dr. Galema. The book is also beautiful. I enjoy reading it. What a job that it has been. With a great result. Praise!

 First of all, compliments for the presentation of the book in the Netherlands and we also enjoyed the second part of the presentation in the USA!

 Today I received the Cnossen Book Part II. My compliments for the beautiful implementation. My question is whether books can still be ordered?

 What a wonderful beautiful book it has become! Not only in terms of content, but also in terms of weight! So much background information – the whole story of the Cnossens in the context of history …… a wonderful reference work. I just wanted to let you know.

 Oh my!  How cool is this?!

 So great to have this book now to pass on to younger generations. I did not realize so many of the Cnossens left the Netherlands to live in the US.

 A very special book! We also had a wonderful day at the reunion…. beautifully organized too. Not to forget the garlands for Johan and for Anna. Well done!!

 It was good to see and talk to each other again! What a beautiful day it was. Great program (what a musical talent there is in the family)! The weather couldn’t be better and the book is a picture! Thank you for your effort to get this done. It was great that Jim Cnossen (from USA) could get the 1st copy. A special moment. We look back with pleasure on this day.  

Thickest book ever printed! A beautiful, beautiful book printed for the Cnossen-Knossen family of no less than 8 centimeters thick. The thickest book we’ve ever printed! — Comment from Van der Eems Easterein Printing Company. 

It has become a true “magnum opus”, in which many family members have been involved. The book looks very well cared for and has an extensive pedigree as an explanation. An extensive personal index ensures a good findability of the family name – CBG The Hague Center for Family History

A number of negative reactions relate to the fact that we only mention the children and no grandchildren in the book for Cnossen daughters who do not keep their Cnossen surname after marriage. After that, the family tree registration stops for that branch. We had to draw a line somewhere otherwise the reality is the family tree expands beyond our capacity.

Cnossen Family History Update

The most important goal of the Cnossen Family Foundation is to further investigate and document the history of our family and communicate that to our family members. Our known family history is now:·       Well documented back to the year 1400,·       Proven through DNA research to have origins in Scandinavia and Great Britain; However, a huge gap of history exists between our origins and the year 1400 and still a few gaps after 1400. During our recent research, we have come across subjects on several occasions that should be investigated further to get an even more complete picture of our history.

Below is a summary of some of these items:

· Johan Knossen, father of Wpka Johanz Knossen (1456)

· The Knossen – Sickama family relationship, early 16th century

· The Leeuwarder Cnossen connection, 16th century

· The Prussian Cnossen connection, 16th and 17th century

· The origin of Jens (Jentje) Cnossen from Denmark, which we encountered in the American Civil War archives, born in 1840. A Danish Jentje Cnossen, while we also encounter this name in our Dutch family tree.

· From the archives in Hessen/Frankfurt Germany: Otto Knosen, 1259, Mainz, Konrad and Heinrich Knosse, 1207, Frankfurt, Arnold Knossen, knight, 1244, Woldenberg and Conze Knossen, 1348, Mayor of Königstein

Photo Collages of the Family Reunions in Bolsward and in Holland Michigan

(Thanks to Wybrich Cnossen FCN for the composition)

The Bolsward Family Reunion 26May 2018:

The Holland Michigan Family Reunion 10-12August: